On wanting (part 2)

So back to the question: what do we want, and what do we need, and how can we tell the difference if, indeed, there is a difference? And why are wants and needs so often at odds? Or are they? Should they be, or not? Ah, that's several questions, which goes to show how complicated this whole thing can be, yes?

Let's break it down a bit to a ridiculously simplistic level. Do I want the new iPhone? Of course I do; it's got all those cool new apps on it that will further enhance my life in the way that I've become accustomed. Do I need the new iPhone? Well, if I have become dependent on my iPhone for all my connections to people, places, and things, as my source for all pertinent information that feeds into my daily life, I may think it's an absolute necessity, not something I just want, but something I definitely need. Can I live without it? Can I break my electronic contact with my world and survive perfectly well? In all likelihood, yes. So this means that new iPhone, which will plug me in even more, is just a want, right? Well, I don't know... a recent survey revealed that almost 25% of iPhone users would rather give up sex than give up their iPhone. So you see, the differentiation between wants and needs is not always apparent. I personally don't have an iPhone, and I haven't the slightest desire to own one. However, I must admit that I have at least one iPhone equivalent in my life, something that I have convinced myself I really need, something that someone else couldn't care less about.

Ok Mick, maybe you can't always get what you want. So let's forget about what I want, since I can't always get what I want anyway, right? But what is it that I can't do without, what do I really need? Let's return to my reverse acrostic and see what my inner self revealed to me (did I mention I'm a sceptic through and through?). What is it that I need?

"To let my mind be wrapped in my heart...to think as I feel...to know"

Maybe this means that my real need is to be in touch with my genuine self, my inner motivations. Maybe if I allow my mind to be wrapped in my heart, the intellectual assessment of all things me will take on the characteristics of where I really live...in my senses, my emotions, my deepest soul. Maybe then I can connect with my world on a level deeper than just a touch screen. To think as I feel...not to think what I feel, but to think as I feel. I cannot carefully gauge my emotions, they're just right out there (or deep within there), I can't stop feeling just because I want to. Maybe that's how I should think, without censorship, without conformity, without hiding from what's really on my mind. What would happen if I could let my mind fully connect with my heart? My wife is always saying "think what you think, feel what you feel." Seems simple enough. And she may be right. Maybe that really is all we need in order to maneuver through our world. If we can learn to think and feel authentically and in tandem, then doesn't it stand to reason that we will know what is healthiest for our own well-being?

If we are truly in touch with who and what we are, maybe we can know our place in this world and be comfortable in that place, regardless of where everyone else lives. Is my place your place? Nope. It's my place. You have your own place in this world, and you must find that place yourself, because the path to getting there resides within you, where your mind is wrapped in your heart.

So let's raise a glass to each of us finding our authentic place in this world, and in ourselves...that is the need we all have, whether we want it or not...

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