On summer (part 2)

So, ok...so summer's finally officially here and it's 90 degrees at 9 at night and I'm still working outside because it's still daylight and all the wildflowers are already dying off and the leaves on the trees are curling and everything looks dusty and in need of a drink and all I can think is that we've only just begun with all this summertime fun.

And this will continue until November 1st, when we finally set the clock back an hour and start living again in real time! Unfortunately, that wondrous shift from a long hot summer to the golden light and crisp air of autumn will have been missed entirely, because the fall equinox is at the end of September, at which point in the calendar we still have two more months of summer time to go before we can allow ourselves to wear a sweater in public!

I am comforted, however, with the fact that, on this lovely first day of summer, we are almost at the tipping point when we start sliding into the winter holidays, when the sun will rise and set as nature intended, when we get that extra luxurious hour of darkness. In just six short months, we'll be celebrating the longest night of the year, wrapping up in coats and scarves, drinking warm wine and braying at the moon. We'll snuggle by the fire and debate the final menu for the holiday dinner, and whether we want to go out or stay in on New Year's Eve.

And then the calendar page flips, and it begins anew, that quick march toward March when, once again (and in 2016 it will literally be for the 100th time), we give the sun it's recalibrated sky-burning orders, and the moon and stars will just have to wait an extra hour before they make their grand entrance onto the stage because we have decreed it so... that's right, WE have decreed it so, dammit!

Please pardon my little outburst... I'm feeling a bit parched, and my head is swimming... could you pass me the iced tea and that sunblock?... 

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