On summer (part 1)

Can you believe it's already summer? I'm talkin' official summer... summer solstice... longest day of the year... daylight 'til 10...

It seems strange to me that summer begins in the middle of what I consider to already be the full throws of summer. For me, summer effectively begins with the advent of Daylight Savings Time (a strange concept if ever there was one) because, when that clock clicks up an hour at 2:00 a.m. in March, you wake up Sunday morning to the brute realization that everything has changed while you were sleeping, and you'd better hurry up and get your act together because nothing will be the same for the next eight months.

So how can Daylight Savings Time signal the start of summer when it's not even spring for another week? Oh, hell, I don't know... I guess it's because suddenly the sun rises later and shines longer, and it just gets more and more summery from that point on. We are forced to live by summer time when it's still officially winter. And the most disturbing aspect of the whole thing is that the wonder of spring, that subtle shift out of winter, when the equinox announces that long-awaited equal-hours face-off between cold darkness and warming light, is cruelly obliterated by this imposed time warp. We're going to save daylight? Really? We've decided that we don't like when the sun goes down, so we're going to change time? Really?!

Maybe I've missed the whole thing... maybe time isn't real. Maybe time is just a malleable construct that we have imposed upon ourselves to bring a semblance of order to our otherwise chaotic world and unpredictable lives. Maybe we just made the whole thing up, and we can do whatever we want with time... make it long, make it short, tell it when to start and when to stop, when to slow down and when to speed up.

Once upon a time, our lives revolved around the sun, moon, and stars, the seasons moving one into another as natural as... well, nature. But now, we have become the masters... we will tell the sun when to rise and set... we will hold the moon and stars at bay until we decide when the day is done! Oh hell yeah, baby!!! No one tells US when to go to bed!!!

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