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On breaking free (part 4) 

So I guess the question comes down to this:

If you hate where you are but you're scared to move, is it a better choice to just step off the edge and free-fall, trusting you'll learn how to build some wings on the way down before you crash and burn?


Is it better to just stick with what you know and look out across the valley to the other side, wishing you could go there, but believing that the lifetime of audio signals roaring around inside your empty walls must know what they're talking about?


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On breaking free (part 3) 

Ok, so it's my birthday, and I'm thinking about this panopticon concept (go figure), and I suddenly realize (actually, it's been brewing for years, but I've never put pen to paper)... I have a Panopticon set up INSIDE MY VERY SOUL that monitors every single decision I make in this chain of choices called Life! And you know what?... I'VE BUILT IT MYSELF!

Now, admittedly, supplies for it's construction have been brought in from all over, every time and place, and they're still coming onto the site daily…

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On breaking free (part 2) 

The story goes like this...

Once upon a time, a very clever man named Jeremy Bentham borrowed a concept from his brother, Samuel, and refined it to such a level that it could become the ultimate form of mind control in almost any social setting. He called it the Panopticon. The basic idea is that the population you wish to control (prison, hospital, school, workplace, any purposeful collective) is physically situated in a circular structure of open cells or cubicles (like the rim of a wheel) surrounding…

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On breaking free (part 1) 

Today is my birthday, and I'm not taking it too well. It's not one of those landmark birthdays... you know the ones: 5, 12, 21, 30, 50, 65, etc. No, it's just another birthday, like Tuesday is just another day of the week. But one tends to take stock of things on one's birthday, just to assess, you know, how far off the beaten path one may have wandered over the past year(s).

I think maybe I'm becoming more and more aware of how trapped I am in who I am. And maybe I'm realizing that I've trapped myself…

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On falling back 

What an auspicious day! November 1st... All Saints Day... and we're back to normal! Yes! Some of you are upset that Daylight Savings Time ended early this morning and we're back to dark winter nights...I am elated!

In my previous post, I ranted about the first official day of summer arriving long after our artificial summer was ushered in by the activation of Daylight Savings Time months before. And my rant has not lessened during the ensuing months, even though, I must admit, I am enraptured by those…

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On summer (part 2) 

So, summer's finally officially here and it's 90 degrees at 9 at night and I'm still working outside because it's still daylight and all the wildflowers are already dying off and the leaves on the trees are curling and everything looks dusty and in need of a drink and all I can think is that we've only just begun with all this summertime fun.

And this will continue until November 1st, when we finally set the clock back an hour and start living again in real time! Unfortunately, that wondrous shift…

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On summer (part 1) 

Can you believe it's already summer? I'm talkin' official summer... summer solstice... longest day of the year... daylight 'til 10...

It seems strange to me that summer begins in the middle of what I consider to already be the full throws of summer. For me, summer effectively begins with the advent of Daylight Savings Time (a strange concept if ever there was one) because, when that clock clicks up an hour at 2:00 a.m. in March, you wake up Sunday morning to the brute realization that everything has…

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On the space between the spark and the flame 

This is where it all happens... or doesn't... this space between the spark and the flame, this place I call the ether...

So much of me lives and dies here.

Any discipline I exert, any principles I apply, any expertise I draw upon... all are inconsequential here.

This is the domain of the poet, the playwright, the painter, the tunesmith, the intellectual, the philosopher, the visionary... every creative spirit. The truest work is accomplished here, outside the realm of the tangible, beyond the confines…

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On winter 

Strange to think that half the country can be blanketed in snow without winter having yet arrived. Frost has chased away the last of summer, the winds have picked up, and the trees are naked against a gray sky, yet these are but the remnants of a fading autumn. We know that winter has finally come when the sun races across the icy sky so quickly that the earth has no time to warm before night has fallen. The longest night of the year-- Ah, this is the advent of winter, in all its beautiful splendor…

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On wanting (part 2) 

So back to the question: what do we want, and what do we need, and how can we tell the difference if, indeed, there is a difference? And why are wants and needs so often at odds? Or are they? Should they be, or not? Ah, that's several questions, which goes to show how complicated this whole thing can be, yes?

Let's break it down a bit to a ridiculously simplistic level. Do I want the new iPhone? Of course I do; it's got all those cool new apps on it that will further enhance my life in the way that I've…

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