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So I guess the question comes down to this:

If you hate where you are but you're scared to move, is it a better choice to just step off the edge and free-fall, trusting you'll learn how to build some wings on the way down before you crash and burn?


Is it better to just stick with what you know and look out across the valley to the other side, wishing you could go there, but believing that the lifetime of audio signals roaring around inside your empty walls must know what they're talking about?

Maybe we just have to chose either STASIS or MOTION. Or maybe APATHY or PASSION. FEAR or COURAGE? (or stupidity... many of those hi-fi voices will argue there is no difference between courage and stupidity... and sometimes they're right.).

I think the decision I must make for myself (do we all face this same choice?) is WILL I SETTLE FOR LESS or WILL I TRY FOR MORE.

And what I am still learning after decades of first-hand experience is that, even if I decide to hunker down in my Panopti/audiocon, it will still require ACTION, INACTION, PASSION, APATHY, FEAR, COURAGE, and yes, STUPIDITY on my part. It's exhausting! And to what end? DEATH BY COMPLACENCY... Congratulations, you didn't make a dent... you were just putting in time on Planet Earth...

If that's the case, why not shift all that energy and effort just a little and TRY FOR MORE? 

I have chosen (yes, chosen) to subjugate myself to the crippling power of my own Panopticon (yes, I did it to myself, with some surround-sound help). Am I happy alone in my glass cell with no one even interested enough to spy on me anymore? No!... especially when I can see what might be on the other side of the valley beyond these walls. Does it make any sense at all to enslave myself to the panaudioconic roar of disembodied declarations that have taken up residence in my own voice?! Of course not!... no matter how much I have been conditioned to revere/fear/adhere to their pronouncements over me.

So happy birthday, kid... time to make another little life-changing decision...

Here's to breaking out, breaking in, breaking free, breaking open, breaking...

Here's to the death-defying leap into the unknown, the exhilarating free-fall as the ground looms near, the jolt of expanding wings, and a safe landing on the other side...

And here's to another circle 'round the sun...



February 23, 2016 @04:02 pm

And thanks for taking the time to read all of this stuff, Tame; you've obviously given it some thought, and I really appreciate that. Yup, we've gotta break out and see if these wings will get us where we need to go.

February 23, 2016 @01:56 pm

For me, Death by Complacency is Crying by Lying. Thanks for reminding me to shake the fearful doldrums...tame.


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